I still can't believe that one week from today,  I will be setting my feet on Ugandan soil! Three years ago at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, God broke my heart for Uganda. I remember looking at my father-in-law with tears in my eyes and telling him I had no idea how, but God was going to use me there. Adoption was not even on my radar, and I have never had a desire to be an oversees missionary! Now, three years later I am preparing my heart to meet my Ugandan daughter!

Because of my role at church, I would never have planned to be away Easter Sunday, due to the fact that it is always our most heavily attended service, but that was the only time the orphanage could have us. We leave on Friday, but we won't actually see Joyce until Sunday...EASTER Sunday. I know God has planned it this way on purpose, though I am not sure exactly why yet. I expect that God has much to teach me while in Africa...and I can't wait.

Thanks for all your prayers over the legal battle that has been going on in Uganda over the last few months. We got word last week that the High Court in Uganda has given judges the go-ahead to word their rulings to satisfy the request of the US Embassy. Your prayers moved a mountain! Though we haven't heard of any visas being granted since the ruling, it appears that by time we are ready to bring Joyce home the issue will be resolved. Thank you so much for going to war with us.

Please continue to pray for Amy and I as we head out on Friday. Here are a few specific things you can pray for: our physical health and safety, our three kids...they have never been away from both of us for this long, stability in Kampala....there have been some riots there this past week, Joyce...pray her heart opens to us quickly.

We will have limited internet access while in Uganda, but we will try to keep you all updated and post pics as soon as we can.

Africa... here we come!