Wow, it’s finally over! Joyce is home and we are all so happy!

Joyce and I made the trek home together and it was fun watching her enjoy some new experiences! Her eyes got so big when we took off on our first flight, but she totally loved flying. Of course, having her own TV loaded with movies and access to all the free Coke she could drink helped take the experience over the top!

When we arrived in Amsterdam and approached our first escalator, she stopped dead in her tracks and had that “you must be crazy” look on her face.  I had to assure her it would be ok, but once she road it; she wanted to ride everyone she saw, even if it was going the opposite direction we needed to go! She slept almost the entire trip from Amsterdam to Atlanta with her head in my lap. It was a nice break for me! All in all it was a smooth trip home.

We arrived in Greensboro to what looked like at least 100 people cheering us on as we walked up the gate! There were people there from our church, our community, and our places of work. We saw friends we haven’t seen in over a year and friends that we have known for less than 6 months. It was absolutely amazing and made it hard to leave the airport! I just wanted to hang out and celebrate with everybody everything God has done over the last four years between breaking my heart for Uganda and bringing my daughter home! We have the best friends and family anyone could ask for. I know there are a lot of you who wanted to be there and just couldn’t. Here is the piece our local news shot at the airport. I hope you enjoy!

Joyce has settled in great and she has really come out of her shell. She is still a little uncomfortable with hugs, kisses and affection in general, but she is talking, laughing, playing with all the kids and making herself right at home. We have even started calling her Joy (at her request!) and she loves it.  She loves playing with the kids and is starting to be her silly self! It’s just the way it is supposed to be.

Home and Happy!