While Jason is usually the one who blogs about the adoption, God has been speaking some things to my heart that I wanted to share. It has been about two months since God first called us to adopt. We answered the call by researching, praying, and talking with our children about the decision. Eager to find our child, I spent long hours on the computer inquiring about programs, countries, and restrictions. I even filled out applications. I knew that we did not have the money to start the process, but I assumed God would come through for us. I was extremely disappointed when the possibility of increasing my teacher pay, through National Board Certification, fell though by three points. I was very angry at God. I could not imagine why he would not want me to pass and have that extra 12% of my income to put toward the adoption.

Sometimes, when God leads me to move, I take the lead and try to finish on my own. Jason and I decided that Taiwan was the country for us. We met their requirements and enjoyed the thought of an Asian daughter. Last week, God spoke to my heart concerning our adoption country. Not even three weeks ago, I was certain I could not handle the issues of a multiracial family. While I still have fears (like how to do a little black girl’s hair), I feel that God has been preparing our hearts for a child of another race. We are now prayerfully considering adopting from an African country, possibly Uganda.

While I am still praying through my questions about not passing my National Boards, I know that God’s plan is bigger and better than mine. If we would have gotten that money, we would have sent $2,000.00 to the adoption agency to begin the process in Taiwan.

We ask you to continue praying for us, the adoption and our finances. Adoptions in Uganda can be done various ways including privately and with an agency. Because Uganda has only recently opened up to international adoptions, the process can have many bumps along the way. Pray that God will lead us to our daughter and show us when decisions need to be made on this journey. Also pray for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our child. Many orphanages go without food for several days. Uganda is a war-torn and dangerous country. The kids and I pray every morning that God will protect her and fill her belly with food. Thank you for sharing in this journey with our family. We hope that one day you will get to meet the little one we have all been praying for.