I know it has been a while since I've updated all of you on where we are in our adoption process. So much has happened in our journey over the last couple months that I have not been able to keep up. I know this post is waaaaay to long, but please take the time to read it. Our family needs your prayers now more than ever!

Over the last couple months God has made it clear that we are to adopt from Uganda. As we began sharing this with our friends and family, we were told of a local family who adopted a child from an orphanage in Uganda. After emailing them our story, they agreed to meet us for coffee. We made an instant connection with them and have had their family over for dinner since our first meeting. We have remained in close contact with them throughout our process.

Shortly after meeting this couple, I was sitting in Panera studying and I began talking with a couple that was sitting next to me. Our conversation quickly turned to children and our plans to adopt from Africa. Once they heard we were looking specifically at Uganda, they told me they had very good friends there that owned an orphanage. It was the same orphanage that the other couple had adopted from! This was without a doubt, a divine appointment! At this point, Amy and I were getting a real sense of confirmation that we were on the right track and that God was preparing the way before us.

A few weeks later, we were having lunch with a couple who is very dear to us and we began updating them on our journey. When they discovered we were pursuing a child in Uganda...well I don't even have to say it right? They are good friends with the same family that the other two couples told us about! Now I am not one who believes things just happen in life. The Bible makes it very clear that God has ordained everyone of our days before they are ever lived. I must admit, I don't know exactly how that works, but God is Sovereign, none the less, and has led us to this orphanage in Uganda for a purpose. Now, to the reason we so desperately need your prayers.

The way the current adoption laws are written in Uganda, you have to live there with the child for three years to legally adopt. I know, ridiculous right? However, as with most laws, there is a loophole. You can become the legal guardian of a child in Uganda and then bring them back to the States to live for those three years. Once you are in the States though, the US Government allows you to legally adopt the child. So, the way it would work is that we would travel to Uganda, become the legal guardian of our daughter ( about a 4-6 week process) and then bring her home with us and legally adopt her once here. Well that could all change in the next couple of weeks.

From what we have been told today, the US Embassy has requested that the Ugandan courts reword their adoption law to state that Ugandan children can be legally adopted once in the US. Should the Ugandan courts choose not to reword this law, Amy and I would have to live in Uganda for three years which at this time is out of the question. So, here is what I know for sure. First, God has called my family to adopt. Second, God has divinely intervened in our circumstances to lead us to a specific orphanage in Uganda. What I don't know is what will happen next, but we are praying for God to do a miracle and resolve the situation in Uganda so that we can bring our daughter home as soon as possible.

This adoption process has been much like what we experienced with the birth of our biological children. Making the decision to adopt brought about the same response seeing the (+) sign on the pregnancy test did when Amy became pregnant with our second child,"we are going to be parents again...holy crap! Then there is the expectancy of the child's arrival and the sense that she already knows you and you already know her...she is yours. The adoption process is no different. Our family has already begun to make provisions for our daughters arrival, Amy and I have been preparing for our first trip there this spring to meet her, and there is definetly a sense within the heart of everyone in our family that she is already ours...she is already a Brinkley. Then there is the first ultrasound. This was always an anxious experience for me and Amy because if there were any complications, this is usually where they were discovered. Well, getting this news from Uganda is like going to your first ultrasound and hearing the doctor say, "Mr. Brinkley...we need to talk."

We don't know what's next, but we are confident in God's goodness and his plan. We know he will deliver our daughter to us...wherever she may be! Please pray specifically that this adoption law ordeal will be worked out in such a way that Amy and I will be able to go bring our daughter home as planned. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for praying for our family...all six of us!